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Bitcoin Rock Café is not only a theme restaurant, but also a meeting place where you can collaborate, learn, teach, share and connect with many others financial technology enthusiasts.

The lounge area offers an ideal space to meet share and debate in relation to the latest trends and developments in the cryptocurrency and financial education sector generating many networking moments to connect with other professionals.


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  •     What is Bitcoin Rock Café and why you must invest in this project?

  •      What are cryptocurrencies?

  •      Cryptocurrency trading.

  •      Cryptocurrencies as a means of payment.

  •      What is cryptocurrency mining?

  •      Types of crypto wallets and their different uses.

  •      What is a token and how does it work?

  •      What is a smart contract and what is it for?

  •      What does it means tokenization?

  •      Cryptocurrencies and blockchain applied to the music and art sector.

  •      Definition of a cryptocurrency ecosystem.

  •      What are exchange houses and how do they work?

  •      Difference between tokens securities, equity and utility tokens.

  •      Cryptocurrency legislation in Spain and the world.

  •      How cryptocurrencies are declared before the hacienda.

  •      What is known as Hyper Growth?

  •      What does scalability mean and why is it so relevant?

  •      What is quantum computing and how will it affect the digital world?



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