Bitcoin Rock Café is a team of professionals in different fields that is integrated and committed to the development of our franchise as a participatory business model, with the firm purpose of offering for our clients in general and especially for the crypto community, a space unique to enjoy, in a thematic environment, our gastronomy, cocktails and a service in a suitable atmosphere to grow in the world of cryptocurrencies and thus incorporate innovative and creative business models.

Visualize with us, in this place, Authentic Financial Freedom!

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Our values

We embrace transparency.

We are direct, transparent and honest with our clients, partners and employees.


We focus on creating impact.

Bitcoin Rock Café generates a positive impact on society and members of our team.


We are user-centric.

Customers are our priority, we work to offer a pleasant, different experience focused on knowledge.                                                                                                                                                                                       

We empower the individual.

We believe in the right of all people to freely participate in collaborative economies.


We encourage creativity.

We believe that a diversity of ideas leads to better results.


We think long term.

Every day we achieve small achievements that together form a sustainable business adding value to partners.

We collaborate in the protection of the Planet.

We are aware of the importance and we actively work to reduce electricity, water and gas consumption ,

at the same time we use products that are 100% recyclable.

Our mission

Promote the adoption of cryptocurrencies by developing an innovative business model open to all.

Our vision

Evolve both economically and socially and help people grow from the inside out, reaching as many places as possible with the help of a great community that feels integrated.


Our team


Co-founder - Technology

Enthusiast of new technologies, he has been developing resource optimization software applications for companies for more than 15 years, such as CRM, ERP and VoIP. At the end of 2012, bitcoin was already known and the great potential it offered both at a technological level and due to its own decentralized nature, it began to implement blockchain solutions as part of its portfolio.


Co-founder - Development

Entrepreneur by birth and with clear ideas, in his career he has worked in the development of IT projects and recently in the blockchain sector. He currently participates in several projects that integrate cryptocurrencies as a means of payment, contributing knowledge to the design of Digital Marketing strategies.


Communications director

Expert in financial markets with 8 years of experience in the trading, stock market and markets sector. Passionate about the crypto revolution and Blockchain technology. Specialized in training and transmission of updated knowledge in face-to-face mode and in the media.


Executive chef

Passionate about gastronomy, he standardizes and advises gastronomic concepts for 7 years at a national and international level. Trained in Digital Marketing and Restaurant Management and hotel F&O, creating a synergy by implementing digitization in hotel projects.


Head of Headquarters

Extensive experience in the hospitality sector, providing key elements for the development and expansion of Bitcoin Rock Café.


Community Manager

Since 2016 when he learned about cryptocurrencies, until 2019 when he decided to professionalize, he has not stopped creating crypto content for various communities. Independent and passionate trader of financial markets, especially cryptocurrencies and their philosophy. He joins Bitcoin Rock Café to bring the greatest possible value to our community.


Productor de fotografía y vídeo

Javier es de Vigo y lleva en el mundo audiovisual más de 10 años. Muchos han sido sus proyectos y trabajos junto a marcas muy importantes. Pero nos confiesa que le guarda un gran cariño a sus viajes por el mundo como cámara y editor de al selección española de surf, cubriendo los mundiales de la ISA. Ahora aterriza en Bitcoin Rock Café para disfrutar de una nueva etapa, con muchas ganas y mucha ilusión.




Executive Ambassador

Information disseminator and audiovisual content developer. Guillermo has his own YouTube channel where he communicates his work. Their values, vision and passion for the healthy development of the cryptocurrency sector are in line with the values of our project.


Executive Ambassador

In love with decentralization. After a period in the world of trading, he decided to take part in projects in the cryptocurrency sector, providing a great vision of disruptive technologies. He is currently a trader for a private company and works on several decentralized projects with the mission of enacting the mass adoption of Bitcoin.


Executive Ambassador

Creator of community and personal relationships. Lover of the world of Cryptocurrencies. Vision of the future focused on new technologies and the creation of decentralized projects. Today he works in several of them, making the world aware of the power of decentralization.

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