Roadmap 2019 - 2020

The "roadmap" is a scheme that aims to designate approximate dates on the different phases of the project, based on planning and following a chronological order of strategic development. To facilitate the understanding of this information, we have created a visual image, with details and dates of the activities that have been carried out since the beginning of the project and with what is intended to be done in the future.

First Quarter 2019

  • Legal advice on tokenization.

  • Launch Pre-sale tokens at € 0.30.

  • Debugging of payment systems.

  • Audiovisual platform development.

  • Backoffice platform development.

Second Quarter 2019

  • Incorporation of company SA with 6 million tokenized shares.

  • Concept development.

  • Advertising platform development

  • Conditioning of the kitchen.

  • Gastronomic tasting.

  • Optimization of services.

Third Quarter 2019

  • Vigo headquarters inauguration on August 9th.

  • Payment system integration with cryptocurrencies.

  • Thematic adaptation.

  • Continuation of works in the lounge area.

  • First cryptocurrency talk.

  • Close pre-sale phase of tokens.

First Quarter 2020

  • Sale of the first token issuance.

  • Consolidation of the gastronomic concept.

  • Backoffice optimization.

  • Launch of a new website.

  • Home sale advertising plans.

  • First Hackathon.

  • Creation of audiovisual thematic channel.

Fourth Quarter 2019

  • Placement of 750,000 tokens at € 0.60.

  • Optimization of processes.

  • Creation of strategic alliances with companies and organizations in the technology and restaurant sectors.

  • Opening of the Lounge Area.

  • Search for Local Madrid.

  • Celebration of the first live trading event.

Second Quarter 2020

  • Signing of new commercial alliances.

  • Holding crypto events with influential personalities in the sector.

  • KYC system integration in backoffice.

  • Development of the franchise plan for international expansion.

  • Development of the ambassadors plan.

Third Quarter 2020

  • Search for Barcelona headquarters.

  • Rental / conditioning second headquarters.

  • Launch 2nd issue of 900,000 tokens at € 0.90

  • Launch of the franchise plan.

  • Launch of the BETA version of the public system for buying / selling the BRC token.

Fourth Quarter 2020

  • Barcelona headquarters inauguration.

  • Launch of the 3rd issue of 1,050,000 tokens at € 1.20

  • KYC system integration in backoffice.

  • International expansion study.

  • Creation of audiovisual thematic channel.

  • Publication of the Bitrock token on the Ethereum blockchain.

First Quarter 2021

  • Madrid Headquarters Inauguration.

  • Opening of the first national franchise.

  • Opening of the first international franchise.

  • Wallet to store BRC token.

  • Distribution of the ERC-20 token to all shareholders.

  • Debut of the token on an international exchange.

Second Quarter 2021

  • Opening of the second national franchise.

  • Opening of the second international franchise.

Roadmap 2022


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