Is Bitcoin close to reaching its high of 21 million?

With 90% of the Bitcoin issuance completed, the concern of some novices in the world of cryptocurrencies is represented by the end of #bitcoin mining, which would generate a change in prices, affecting all #cryptocurrencies in the market in its path and thus also affecting many of the #stablecoins that need bitcoins as a reserve.

But... When will bitcoin issue its 21 millionth token? 🚀

At the current mining rate it's expected by 2137 or so, so we're talking about an estimated 115 years; which leaves the following conundrum.

If two million is going to take that long to mine, what will happen to the price?

Clearly in the next few years, and with the next Mid-Halving, the price will continue to rise, reaching prices never seen before.

From BitcoinRock the vision is clear, Bitcoin will be on everyone's lips for many, many years to come. 🔥🔥🔥