Crypto mortgages are here

Crypto mortgages are already a reality!

A few years ago it seemed a crazy idea but we already have among us, the first mortgages paid with Bitcoin from the hand of the Fintech company Milo in Miami.

They are managed in such a way that market volatility will not be an impediment for applicants; in fact there is a waiting list of thousands of people who want to buy a property and make their monthly payments in cryptocurrencies.

These mortgages are being offered with interest rates between 5 and 7% for 30 years.

One of the most important details of this type of crypto mortgage is that you are required to have 100% of the requested amount in cryptocurrencies, as a backup, but without having to disburse the entire full capital equivalent of the property from the beginning. That is to say: The holder holds his BTC's while paying the installments corresponding to the mortgage.

A new way to hold your money while you get physical goods. An option suitable for those people who have enough resources in their wallets and who have the faithful conviction that the Bitcoin will not stop growing.

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